Personal Portfolio Website


Design a personal website to display my engineering portfolio and also to show companies for job hunting purposes.


Using python, because I was the most familiar with python at the time, I looked into technologies that I could use to assist me in building my website. Django was the web framework that I chose to use because it is python- based and open- source, which really helped me alot later on when I was debugging errors.

Implementation & Prototyping:

I built the web app directly off of Django, and styling I had to learn basic HTML, CSS and Javascript to ensure my website looked professional. I used bootstrap preset template for most of the styling simply because my focus was less on front-end web development. I used the built in sqllite3 that Django defaulted to, and ran the test server off my local host before deploying.

I used Git and Github for my version control and then for deployment I used Heroku. I chose Heroku because there was a free tier that allowed me to have a live product.

Halfway through this project I realized that I could just host a static website without the need of Django. I was able to just use Amazon Web Services or Heroku and simply use my html pages directly.

Because of the simplicity of it, I scrapped the old website and used only html. This is what you are currently seeing.
Because i built out my entire website originally in django and python, and had it deployed but only recently changed it, I decided to keep this post.

Future Work:

I hope to be able to track my website visits, and run analytics to determine how I can increase the ease of use on my website. I plan to enable HTTPS secure web browsing in the future and change the data base to PostGres SQL. In addition, the CSS and Javascript need to be formatted to work for mobile viewing.

Technology used:

Python, Django, Eclipse, HTML, SQL, CSS, Javascript, Git


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