Drone Project


Planned on building my own drone for a personal project, which we lead to customization and a good learning opportunity.


Building a drone can be extremely sophisticated or can be extremely simple. Choosing a 4 propellor motor configuration with a arduino bread board zip tied to a flight controller would be the simplest and easiest way to produce a quick first prototype.

Implementation & Prototyping:

1. Design and plan drone configuration :weights, flight calculation, sourcing parts, transmitter selection, application of drone
2. My main design constraints were cost and weight, so part selection would need to be well calculated and thought through to ensure I have maximum flexibility in terms of mechanical design and maintain budget constraints.
3. After choosing flight controller and motors, designing the frame, propellers, and landing gear by 3D CAD then 3d printing for fast prototyping iteration
3. Configure software and control system for balanced flight
4. Final design and testing

Future Work:

Map out, design and manufacture custom PCB with built in flight controller and RC to further reduce weight. Manufacture frame and propellers out of carbon fiber or lighter materials to reduce weight and drag. Revisit design to reduce drag and weight distribution. Attach a free moving camera to take pictures and videos from the air. Look into mobile app development to connect with drone via wifi, bluetooth or RC. This project has not been completed.

Technology used:

Solidworks, PCB


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