Scandinavian Health Limited

Engineering Solutions Intern


Specializing in healthcare manufacturing design of autoinjector and pen injectors (ex. Epipen) as well as plastic and metal manufacturing design.
Most work involved Solidworks or some form of 3D CAD to build models and schematics for testing new designs. Designed for Manufacturability as well as strict healthcare guidelines (FDA) ensuring all designs and products met quality standards set forth by governing bodies.

Working with in house manufacturing as well as external suppliers and contractors to expand and manufacturing capablities, as well as ensure designs were made to meet quality control.
Took part in testing process to design testing fixtures and mechanisms for PCBs as well as existing products.


Work Projects:

Auto injectors and pen injectors are used in single dose injections for consumer drugs for patients with rheumathoid arthritis and those who require regular injections.
Developing a reusable solution to help consumers with their daily injections that can record and monitor patient injections was the goal.

The mechanical components were designed with Solidworks and prototyped with 3D printing technologies for fast iterations.
Consumer medical manufacturing consisted of its own very unique design constraints, such as conforming and complying to international health regulations and component material regulations but also ensuring ergonomical design for all users.
The space constraints and material constraints proved to be major problems but working closely with manufacturers and suppliers were problems that were quickly resolved.

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