Honda of Canada Manufacturing

Assembly Engineering Intern


Designed and implemented new fixtures and stations to improve or upgrade existing processes in coherence with 5S and Kaizen guidelines.
Collaborated closely with engineers, line workers, as well as process management to eliminate ergonomically straining processes and reduce process time for automotive processes.

Conducted test failure and tolerance analysis using statistics to pinpoint engineering design flaws or process safety flaws, designing out problems or developing mechanical assemblies to alleviate production issues.
Redesigned pneumatic control systems and equipment to improve safety and associate ergonomics, comfortable using heavy machinery in a high volume prooduction facility.


Work Projects:

Auto tail gate open and close functions are extremely convenient additions to modern cars and have become common place in the auto industry.
When manufacturing automobiles however, they are not an easy part to install and test on the assembly line. The goal of this project was to develop a portable testing fixture that an associate can use while on the assembly line to quickly test functionality of the tailgate feature.

The mechanical components were mirrored off the original tail gate motor piece with Solidworks and prototyped with 3D printing technologies for fast iterations.
Automotive manufacturing requires parts to be able to withstand hundreds of iterations daily as well as ensuring the design is easy to use and operate in a high volume manufacturing facility.
The space constraints and material constraints proved to be major problems but working closely with manufacturers and suppliers were problems that were quickly resolved.

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